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All Machines Available By Type

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12515AUTO SCREW MACHINES, SWISS, CNC-MILL and SUB SPDL2010EurotechLico LNT-51 SSiemens 840DVery GoodYesWork Diameter 2", Work Length 5.12", 4,500 RPM, 2" Bar Cap., Sub-Spindle, Two (2) - Eight (8) Sation Turrets, Two (2) - Gang Tool Cross Slides, Full C-Axis, MTA 4' Servo Bar Feed, Live Tooling, Plumbed For High Pressure Coolant System, Automatic Parts Catcher and Conveyor2010 Eurotech Lico LNT-51 S Siemens 840DYes
9754AUTO SCREW MACHINES, SWISS, CNC-MILL and SUB SPDL1984StarVNC-20Fanuc 3T Yes 1984 Star VNC-20 Fanuc 3TOn Way
12080BAR FEEDS2004CNC EnhancementHydro-Turn 2.0 Very GoodYesBar Capacity 3/16" to 2-1/16", Maximum Bar Length 144", Twenty Five (25) Gallon Oil Tank, Seven (7) Liners2004 CNC Enhancement Hydro-Turn 2.0 Yes
13005BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL2006HaasServo Bar 300 Very GoodYes 2006 Haas Servo Bar 300 Yes
13467BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL2003HaasServo Bar 300 GoodYes 2003 Haas Servo Bar 300 Yes
13553BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL2001HaasServo Bar 300 Very GoodYes 2001 Haas Servo Bar 300 Yes
10967BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL1999IemcaTAL-65 GoodNoMaximum Bar Capacity Round / Square / Hex - 2.56" / 1.75" / 2.18", 12' Bar Length1999 Iemca TAL-65 Yes
12052BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL2007KayenneKN 245 Very GoodYes 2007 Kayenne KN 245 Yes
12826BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL1997LNSHydrobar HS 6.65-5.2 GoodYes 1997 LNS Hydrobar HS 6.65-5.2 Yes
11326BAR LOADER-MAGAZINE TYPE, HYDRAULIC, PNEUMATIC and MECHANICAL2008LNSQuick Load Servo S3 Very GoodNo 2008 LNS Quick Load Servo S3 Yes
12569BORING MILLS, HORIZ, FLOOR TYPE CNC and NC1984Cincinnati-Gilbert480" x 50"GE 2000FairNo 1984 Cincinnati-Gilbert 480" x 50" GE 2000On Way
13230BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1972Cincinnati-GilbertModel J Very GoodYes 1972 Cincinnati-Gilbert Model J Yes
11954BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1996DeVlieg54K72    1996 DeVlieg 54K72 On Way
12687BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1965Giddings and Lewis70-E4-T Very GoodYes 1965 Giddings and Lewis 70-E4-T Yes
12628BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1960Lucas441B48 Good  1960 Lucas 441B48 Yes
13305BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1957Lucas441B48Delta Dynapath 20GoodYes 1957 Lucas 441B48 Delta Dynapath 20Yes
13223BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1978PBRAF-90 Very GoodYes3 1/2" Spindle, BT 45 Taper, 1,500 RPM, 15 HP, 58" x 48" x 22" x 60" Travels, 47" x 37" Rotary Table, Tailstock, 11" Spindle Support, Accurite III 2-Axis DRO, Coolant System, Pendant Control, Quick Change Spindle, Outer Bearing Column, Power Draw Bar, Facing Head Available1978 PBR AF-90 Yes
10979BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE Stanko2B622 Very GoodYes  Stanko 2B622 Yes
12738BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1990Stanko2H637 Very GoodYes 1990 Stanko 2H637 Yes
13512BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE1976/1989WotanB-130-L Very GoodYes 1976/1989 Wotan B-130-L Yes
13658BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC Cincinnati-GilbertJ SeriesFagor 8030MSVery GoodNo  Cincinnati-Gilbert J Series Fagor 8030MSYes
11498BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC1964DeVlieg43K-72Diatrol IIIGoodYes4" Spindle, 7.5 HP, 1,450 RPM, 50 Taper, 72" x 48" x 20" x 20" Travels, 40" x 72" Table, Diatrol III Two Axis Control1964 DeVlieg 43K-72 Diatrol IIIYes
13657BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC1998TOSWHN-13.8Heidenhain TNC-426CGoodYes 1998 TOS WHN-13.8 Heidenhain TNC-426CYes
13153BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC1992ToshibaBTD-11BTosnuc 777-2GoodYes 1992 Toshiba BTD-11B Tosnuc 777-2Yes
11470BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC1987/2000UnionBFT-110Heidenhain TNC-360GoodYes 1987/2000 Union BFT-110 Heidenhain TNC-360Yes
11766BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC and NC1995WotanCutmax IIIHeidenhain TNC-425Very GoodYes 1995 Wotan Cutmax III Heidenhain TNC-425Yes
13395BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC2008DoosanDB-130CFanuc 18iMBExcellentYes 2008 Doosan DB-130C Fanuc 18iMBYes
13904BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC2004FemcoBMC-110 R2Fanuc 18MCVery GoodYes4.33" Spindle, 78.74" x 70.87" x 66.93" x 21.6" Travels, 2,500 RPM, 35 HP, 32 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Head, Spindle Chiller, Remote Jog Handle2004 Femco BMC-110 R2 Fanuc 18MCYes
11719BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC1988/1995Giddings and LewisMC-50Giddings & Lewis 8000BGoodYes5" Spindle, 25 HP, 3,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 72" x 54" x 30" x 50" Travels, 120 ATC, Full 4th, Two (2) 36" x 48" Pallets, Outrigger Saddle Supports, Power Draw Bar, Hardened Bed Ways, Coolant Through Spindle, Dual Chip Conveyors, Remote Jog Handle1988/1995 Giddings and Lewis MC-50 Giddings & Lewis 8000BYes
11662BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC1982Giddings and LewisPC-50Giddings & Lewis 800GoodYes5" Spindle, 25 HP, 3,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 72" x 60" x 41" x 36" Travels, 40 ATC, Power Draw Bar, Ball Screws and Independent Drive1982 Giddings and Lewis PC-50 Giddings & Lewis 800Yes
13732BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC2006ToshibaBP-150.R22Tosnuc 888Very GoodYes 2006 Toshiba BP-150.R22 Tosnuc 888Yes
13737BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC2006ToshibaBTH-110.R18Tosnuc 888Very GoodYes 2006 Toshiba BTH-110.R18 Tosnuc 888Yes
13736BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC2009ToshibaBTH-130.R24Tosnuc 999Very GoodNo 2009 Toshiba BTH-130.R24 Tosnuc 999Yes
11143BORING MILLS, HORIZ, TABLE TYPE CNC W-ATC1998/2002UnionCBFK-150Fanuc 16MANewYes 1998/2002 Union CBFK-150 Fanuc 16MAYes
14051BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1980Bullard46" Dynatrol GoodYes 1980 Bullard 46" Dynatrol Yes
13247BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1954Bullard46" Man-Au-Trol FairYes 1954 Bullard 46" Man-Au-Trol Yes
13324BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1957Cincinnati52" Hypro GoodYes 1957 Cincinnati 52" Hypro Yes
14122BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1954King42" GoodYes 1954 King 42" Yes
12852BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1959King56"Fanuc LogicMaster 1FGoodYes56" Table, 66" Swing, 44" UR, 100 RPM, 40 HP, 56" 4-Jaw Chuck, Three (3) Axis DRO, Coolant System, Power Indexing Turret, Fanuc LogicMaster 1F Control1959 King 56" Fanuc LogicMaster 1FYes
14123BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1953King62" GoodYes62" Table, 72" Swing, 62" Under Rail, 103 RPM, 50 HP, Two Ram Head(s), One Side Head, 66" 4-Jaw Manual Chuck, Pendant Control1953 King 62" Yes
14148BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1956King62" GoodYes 1956 King 62" Yes
14151BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL19??King72" GoodYes 19?? King 72" Yes
13538BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1977Summit80" Very GoodYes 1977 Summit 80" Yes
13155BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1973TosSK-16 Very GoodYes 1973 Tos SK-16 Yes
13246BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1984Toshiba (Shibaura)TX-13 GoodYes 1984 Toshiba (Shibaura) TX-13 Yes
11785BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL1981Toshiba (Shibaura)TX-13 GoodYes 1981 Toshiba (Shibaura) TX-13 Yes
10773BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC2008Amera-SeikiVT-600 MCFanuc OiTCExcellentYes 2008 Amera-Seiki VT-600 MC Fanuc OiTCYes
9939BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC1968/1994Bullard36" DynatrolFanuc 16TTGoodYes36" 4-Jaw Manual Chuck, 39" Maximum Swing Side Head Up, 46" Maximum Swing Side Head Down, 30" Under Rail, 468 RPM, Turret Head, Side Head, Pendant Control, Power Indexing Turret Head, Power Indexing Turret Side Head, Variable Rapid Traverse1968/1994 Bullard 36" Dynatrol Fanuc 16TTYes
13130BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC1980Bullard46" Dyn-Au-TapeYasnacGoodYes 1980 Bullard 46" Dyn-Au-Tape YasnacYes
13887BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC1999HyundaiHIT-V5RFanuc OTGoodYes 1999 Hyundai HIT-V5R Fanuc OTYes
13437BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC2013Hyundai-WiaLV-1400Fanuc OiTDNewNo 2013 Hyundai-Wia LV-1400 Fanuc OiTDYes
12505BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC1984Webster and Bennett58"Fanuc 10TGoodYes 1984 Webster and Bennett 58" Fanuc 10TYes
12505BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC and NC1984Webster and Bennett58"Fanuc 10TGoodYes 1984 Webster and Bennett 58" Fanuc 10TYes
12310BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC2012Amera-SeikiVT-1200 R ATCFanuc OiTDNewYes 2012 Amera-Seiki VT-1200 R ATC Fanuc OiTDYes
11894BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC2012Amera-SeikiVT-1600 R ATCFanuc OiTDNewNo 2012 Amera-Seiki VT-1600 R ATC Fanuc OiTDYes
13463BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC1990Giddings and LewisSeries 512Giddings & Lewis 8000LGoodYes 1990 Giddings and Lewis Series 512 Giddings & Lewis 8000LYes
10583BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC1991Giddings and LewisSeries 512Giddings & Lewis 8000GoodYes 1991 Giddings and Lewis Series 512 Giddings & Lewis 8000Yes
13241BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC1992MonarchVLN-14Fanuc 11TAVery GoodYes 1992 Monarch VLN-14 Fanuc 11TAYes
11017BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-ATC1985/2011ToshibaTMC-13Fanuc 32TiRebuiltYes 1985/2011 Toshiba TMC-13 Fanuc 32TiYes
13841BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2014Amera-SeikiVT-2000 R MCFanuc 31iBNewNo 2014 Amera-Seiki VT-2000 R MC Fanuc 31iBYes
13840BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2008HankookVTC-140EFanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2008 Hankook VTC-140E Fanuc 21iTBYes
13903BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2012KDMKTM 12/16Fanuc 32iAVery GoodYes 2012 KDM KTM 12/16 Fanuc 32iAYes
13952BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2011OkumaVTM-120 YBOSP-P200LExcellentYes 2011 Okuma VTM-120 YB OSP-P200LYes
11363BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC1996ToshibaTMD-16 APCFanuc 15TAVery GoodYes 1996 Toshiba TMD-16 APC Fanuc 15TAYes
13960BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2008You JiVTL-2000 ATCFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2008 You Ji VTL-2000 ATC Fanuc 18iTBYes
13285BORING MILLS, VERTICAL and VTL, CNC W-MILLING and ATC2006You JiYV-1200 ATCFanuc 18iTBGoodYes 2006 You Ji YV-1200 ATC Fanuc 18iTBYes
10865BRAKES, PRESS, HYDRAULIC1969Pacific750-18 Very GoodYes750 Tons, 18' Bed, 16' Between Housings, Autogauge Model G24 Multi Axis Back Gauge1969 Pacific 750-18 Yes
14053CHUCKS2008KitagawaB-206 Very Good  2008 Kitagawa B-206 Yes
14054CHUCKS2008SamchullyHS-06 Very Good  2008 Samchully HS-06 Yes
13557CHUCKS2008SMWAutoBlok BB400‐115 Very GoodNo 2008 SMW AutoBlok BB400‐115 Yes
13556CHUCKS2008SMWAutoBlok BB400‐140 Very GoodNo 2008 SMW AutoBlok BB400‐140 Yes
14045COMPARATORS2008Suburban ToolMV-14 Very GoodYes 2008 Suburban Tool MV-14 Yes
11697COOLANT PUMP SYSTEM2001ChipBlasterCV-36 GoodNo 2001 ChipBlaster CV-36 On Way
14078COOLANT PUMP SYSTEM2004Meredith MachineryM-1000 Very GoodYes 2004 Meredith Machinery M-1000 Yes
13546COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES2008FaroGage Arm Very GoodYes 2008 Faro Gage Arm Yes
11556COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES1987MitutoyoFN-905 Very GoodYes 1987 Mitutoyo FN-905 Yes
14117COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINES1994ZeissEclipse 2828-20 Very GoodYes 1994 Zeiss Eclipse 2828-20 Yes
14110DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC2003BrotherTC-32ABrother CNC AOOVery GoodYes 2003 Brother TC-32A Brother CNC AOOYes
14156DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC2008BrotherTC-32B QTNBrother CNC A00Very GoodYes 2008 Brother TC-32B QTN Brother CNC A00Yes
13924DRILLING and TAPPING MACHINES CNC2011FanucRobodrill A-T21iFaFanuc 31iA5ExcellentYes25.6" x 15.74" Table, 19.68" x 15.74" x 12.99" Travels, 24,000 RPM, 30 Taper - Big Plus Spindle, 7 HP, 21 ATC, Tsudakoma RNA-200R Rotary Table, Fanuc Data Server, High Speed Reverse Tapping, Al Contour Control II, Column Riser (110mm), More.2011 Fanuc Robodrill A-T21iFa Fanuc 31iA5Yes
9869DRILLS, H.D. and SENSITIVE, MULTI SPINDLE1981Natco  GoodNo 1981 Natco Yes
10182DRILLS, HEAVY DUTY and SENSITIVE, SGL. VERT. SPDL.1967Giddings and LewisModel 28 GoodYes 1967 Giddings and Lewis Model 28 Yes
13224DRILLS, RADIAL1965Cincinnati-Bickford2E-326 Very GoodYes 1965 Cincinnati-Bickford 2E-326 Yes
9767EDM - RAM, CNC1998HansvedtMS- 4 3050 Foreman Very GoodYes 1998 Hansvedt MS- 4 3050 Foreman Yes
12920EDM - RAM, CNC1995HansvedtMS-III GoodYes 1995 Hansvedt MS-III Yes
14103EDM - RAM, CNC1991SodickA-35 RSodick Mark-21CGoodYes 1991 Sodick A-35 R Sodick Mark-21CNo
9355EDM - RAM, CNC1986SodickA3CSodick Mark VIIGoodYes 1986 Sodick A3C Sodick Mark VIIYes
10679EDM - WIRE, CNC1987AgieAgicut 300CAgiematic CVery GoodYes 1987 Agie Agicut 300C Agiematic CYes
9749EDM - WIRE, CNC1991AgieAgitron 50Agiematic D Yes 1991 Agie Agitron 50 Agiematic DOn Way
10504EDM - WIRE, CNC1990Leblond-MakinoModel EE3 GoodYes 1990 Leblond-Makino Model EE3 Yes
13933FLAME CUTTER, CNC2000Koike AronsonMastergraph 3100 DSKoike K2P0-0010Very GoodYes270" x 120" x 3.937" Travels, Three Oxy Heads, One Plasma Head 2,000 Watts, Dual Rail Drive, ArcWriter - Scribe / Etch Software, 800 IPM Rapids, 400 IPM, HT2000LHF Power Supply Package2000 Koike Aronson Mastergraph 3100 DS Koike K2P0-0010Yes
14079FOLDING MACHINES1996RASTurboBendSystem 4000GoodYes 1996 RAS TurboBend System 4000Yes
10501GRINDERS, BELT1994Timesaver137-1HDMW Very GoodYes37" Wide Belt, 36" x 8" Part Cap., 20 HP, Wet Base, Fully Equipped, Many Extra Grinding Belts1994 Timesaver 137-1HDMW Yes
13179GRINDERS, CENTERLESS1976/1990Acme1212B / 1R FairSE365 1976 1976/1990 Acme 1212B / 1R Yes
13946GRINDERS, CENTERLESS, NC and CNC2006MicronMPC-600CFanuc 21iTBExcellentYes 2006 Micron MPC-600C Fanuc 21iTBYes
11052GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL, NC and CNC1992OkumaGA-44OSP-5020GGoodNo 1992 Okuma GA-44 OSP-5020GYes
13225GRINDERS, CYLINDRICAL, PLAIN CincinnatiEA GoodYes  Cincinnati EA Yes
14104GRINDERS, JIG1967Moore#3 Very GoodYes 1967 Moore #3 No
9961GRINDERS, SURFACE, RECIPROCATING TABLE, HORZ.1995ChevalierSuper 818 Very GoodYes 1995 Chevalier Super 818 Yes
12212GRINDERS, SURFACE, RECIPROCATING TABLE, HORZ.1994MagerleFPA-10-S4 GoodYes 1994 Magerle FPA-10-S4 Yes
11491GRINDERS, SURFACE, RECIPROCATING TABLE, HORZ.1962Mattison16" x 48" GoodNo 1962 Mattison 16" x 48" Yes
12710GRINDERS, SURFACE, RECIPROCATING TABLE, HORZ.1995Okamoto820 DX Very GoodYes32" x 16" Chuck, 37.5" x 17.5" Travels, 3 HP, Hydraulic Over The Wheel Dresser, Incremental Downfeed, Walker Fine Line Chuck, Many Extras1995 Okamoto 820 DX Yes
13820GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1954Blanchard11 Very GoodYes16" Table, 20.5" Swing, 11" Under Wheel, 11" Grinding Head, Wheel Dresser, Neutrifier Magnetic Chuck Control1954 Blanchard 11 Yes
12868GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1962Blanchard18C GoodYes 1962 Blanchard 18C Yes
13302GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1987Blanchard22AK-42 ExcellentYes 1987 Blanchard 22AK-42 Yes
13811GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1984Blanchard22AK-42 Very GoodYes 1984 Blanchard 22AK-42 Yes
13087GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1986Blanchard22K-42 Very GoodNo 1986 Blanchard 22K-42 Yes
13617GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1967Blanchard22K-42 GoodYes 1967 Blanchard 22K-42 Yes
13625GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1980Mattison42" Very Good  1980 Mattison 42" Yes
13618GRINDERS, SURFACE, ROTARY TYPE, VERT. SPDL1966MattisonModel 48 GoodYes 1966 Mattison Model 48 Yes
8164GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC1994AncaTG-4 FastgrindAnca Series 2000GoodYesMax. Swing 3.15", Max. Length 15.86", 5,167 Spindle, Anca Series 2000 Control, Paper Coolant Filtration System, RS-232 Port, One (1) 50 Taper Holder with 1/8 - 1" Collets, Two (2) Wheel Arbors, Operating Only With Oil, High End Production End Mill Software (all end mills, conical taper, wordriff)1994 Anca TG-4 Fastgrind Anca Series 2000Yes
13881GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC1993WalterHelitronic 45Walter HMC 300GoodYes 1993 Walter Helitronic 45 Walter HMC 300Yes
14127GRINDERS, TOOL and CUTTER, NC-CNC2000WalterHelitronic Power RWalter HMC 500GoodYesMaximum Tool Diameter / Length - 12.59" / 14.46", Walter HMC 500 Control, High Performance Package HMC-5002000 Walter Helitronic Power R Walter HMC 500Yes
12355HONES, HORIZONTAL1985SunnenMBC-1804 GoodYes6.5" x 16" Capacity, Large Selection of Hones and Stones, Sunnen Hole Gauge1985 Sunnen MBC-1804 Yes
12613INJECTION MOLDING, HORIZONTAL-VERTICAL1995Mitsubishi120 MJIIMach VINeeds Some WorkYes 1995 Mitsubishi 120 MJII Mach VIYes
10626IRONWORKERS2001Scotchman4014 ExcellentNo 2001 Scotchman 4014 Yes
12829LASERS OR PLASMA1994MazakSuper Turbo X-48Mazatrol L-32GoodYes 1994 Mazak Super Turbo X-48 Mazatrol L-32Yes
12064LASERS OR PLASMA2003TanakaLMX V30-TF6000BFanuc 16iLGoodYes 2003 Tanaka LMX V30-TF6000B Fanuc 16iLYes
12197LASERS OR PLASMA2012TrumpfTruMark 5000 ExcellentYes 2012 Trumpf TruMark 5000 Yes
14016LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER2006HaasSL-30Haas ControlLike NewYes 2006 Haas SL-30 Haas ControlYes
13787LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER2012HaasST-10Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2012 Haas ST-10 Haas ControlYes
13646LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER2012HaasST-20Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2012 Haas ST-20 Haas ControlYes
13774LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER2006HardingeTalent 6/45 SVFanuc OiTBVery GoodYes 2006 Hardinge Talent 6/45 SV Fanuc OiTBYes
13417LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER2005MazakIVS-200MMazatrol Fusion 640 MTGoodYes 2005 Mazak IVS-200M Mazatrol Fusion 640 MTNo
12996LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1997Mori-SeikiCL-150Mori-Seiki MSC-803LGoodYes20.28" Swing, 15.74" Swing Over Cross Slide, 13.5" Maximum Turning Diameter, 11.93" Maximum Turning Length, 6,000 RPM, 10 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, Collet Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Auto Parts Catcher, Barfeed Interface1997 Mori-Seiki CL-150 Mori-Seiki MSC-803LYes
13999LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1998Mori-SeikiCL-200BMSC-803LVery GoodYesSwing Over Bed 20.3", Swing Over Saddle 9.5", Maximum Turning Diameter 16.14", Length 14.6", 4,500 RPM, 15 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, Tailstock, 8" 3-Jaw Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Collet Chuck, Parts Catcher1998 Mori-Seiki CL-200B MSC-803LYes
12605LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1976Mori-SeikiDLL-1500Machine MateFairYes40" Swing,32.2" SOC, 72" Turn Length, 2,000 RPM, 8" Bore, 4 + 8 Stations, 22" 3-Jaw Chuck, Chip Conveyor, Machine RetroFitted With Machine Mate, Windows Based CNC Control1976 Mori-Seiki DLL-1500 Machine MateYes
13523LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1985Mori-SeikiSL-6BFanuc 6TBGoodYes 1985 Mori-Seiki SL-6B Fanuc 6TBYes
13502LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1984Mori-SeikiSL-8FFanuc 21TVery GoodYes 1984 Mori-Seiki SL-8F Fanuc 21TYes
12743LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, CHUCKER1995Nakamura-TomeTMC-12Fanuc 21TFairYes 1995 Nakamura-Tome TMC-12 Fanuc 21TYes
12581LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2002Amera-SeikiTC-20Fanuc OTCGoodYes 2002 Amera-Seiki TC-20 Fanuc OTCYes
12448LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996DaewooProturn 60Fanuc OTGoodYes 1996 Daewoo Proturn 60 Fanuc OTYes
14137LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996DaewooPuma-10HCFanuc OTGoodYes 1996 Daewoo Puma-10HC Fanuc OTYes
14005LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1992DaewooPuma-15Fanuc OTCGoodYes 1992 Daewoo Puma-15 Fanuc OTCYes
14018LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1992DaewooPuma-15Fanuc OTCVery GoodYes 1992 Daewoo Puma-15 Fanuc OTCYes
14138LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998DaewooPuma-350AFanuc 18TGoodYes 1998 Daewoo Puma-350A Fanuc 18TYes
13764LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2010DaewooPuma-400 BDoosan Fanuc iExcellentYes 2010 Daewoo Puma-400 B Doosan Fanuc iYes
13002LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2003DaewooPuma-400 BFanuc 18iTBGoodYes 2003 Daewoo Puma-400 B Fanuc 18iTBYes
13791LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007DaewooPuma-400 BFanuc 18TBGoodYes 2007 Daewoo Puma-400 B Fanuc 18TBYes
13524LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1994DainichiDLX-75AFanuc 20TAGoodYes 1994 Dainichi DLX-75A Fanuc 20TAYes
13744LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2011DoosanPuma-300 CFanuc OiTDExcellentYes 2011 Doosan Puma-300 C Fanuc OiTDYes
14130LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006DoosanPuma-300 CFanuc 21iTGoodYes 2006 Doosan Puma-300 C Fanuc 21iTYes
13876LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008DoosanPuma-300 LCFanuc 21iTGoodYes 2008 Doosan Puma-300 LC Fanuc 21iTYes
13114LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007DoosanPuma-300 LCFanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2007 Doosan Puma-300 LC Fanuc 21iTBYes
14144LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007DoosanPuma-400 BFanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2007 Doosan Puma-400 B Fanuc 21iTBYes
14154LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007DoosanPuma-400 CFanuc 21iTBGoodYes 2007 Doosan Puma-400 C Fanuc 21iTBYes
13765LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2011DoosanPuma-400 LBDoosan Fanuc iExcellentYes 2011 Doosan Puma-400 LB Doosan Fanuc iYes
13977LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012DoosanPuma-400 LBFanuc OiTCExcellentYes 2012 Doosan Puma-400 LB Fanuc OiTCYes
14139LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008DoosanPuma-700Fanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2008 Doosan Puma-700 Fanuc 21iTBYes
13869LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006DoosanPuma-700Fanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2006 Doosan Puma-700 Fanuc 21iTBYes
10674LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998GurutzpeAT 600-PlusFanuc OTGoodYes31.5" Swing, 120" Centers, 1,000 RPM, 4.125" Bore, 35 HP, 8 Station Turret, Tailstock, 31" 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rests, Chip Conveyor1998 Gurutzpe AT 600-Plus Fanuc OTYes
13486LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004HaasSL-10THaas ControlGoodYes16.25" Swing, 8" SOC, 6,000 RPM, 1.75 Bar Cap., 15 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, 6" 3-Jaw Chuck, Chip Auger, Toolsetter, Parts Catcher2004 Haas SL-10T Haas ControlYes
13695LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2002HaasSL-20THaas ControlGoodYes 2002 Haas SL-20T Haas ControlYes
13801LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006HaasSL-20THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2006 Haas SL-20T Haas ControlYes
13364LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2000HaasSL-20THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2000 Haas SL-20T Haas ControlYes
13629LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004HaasSL-20THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas SL-20T Haas ControlYes
13782LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1999HaasSL-20T BBHaas ControlVery GoodYes20" Swing, 9.5" SOC, 3,400 RPM, 2.5 Bar Cap., 30 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Chip Auger, Toolsetter, Rigid Tapping, Spindle Orientation, Fully Programmable Tailstock, RoyalS20 Collet Chuck, Parts Catcher1999 Haas SL-20T BB Haas ControlYes
14141LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
13753LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2006 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
14038LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
13799LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2001HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2001 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
13519LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2005HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
14092LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007HaasSL-30THaas ControlGoodYes 2007 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
13529LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
13459LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004HaasSL-30THaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas SL-30T Haas ControlYes
14065LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004HaasSL-30T BBHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas SL-30T BB Haas ControlYes
13941LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2005HaasSL-30T BBHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas SL-30T BB Haas ControlYes
13663LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008HaasSL-30TL BBHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas SL-30TL BB Haas ControlYes
14064LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2010HaasSL-40THaas Control  40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 2,400 RPM, 40 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 15" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tool Presetter, Chip Conveyor, High Intensity Lighting, Two Speed Gearbox, Fully Programmable Tailstock2010 Haas SL-40T Haas Control 
13759LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006HaasSL-40THaas ControlVery GoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 2,400 RPM, 55 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tool Presetter, Chip Conveyor, High Intensity Lighting, Two Speed Gearbox, Remote Jog Handle2006 Haas SL-40T Haas ControlYes
14063LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006HaasSL-40THaas ControlVery Good 40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 2,400 RPM, 40 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 15" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tool Presetter, Chip Conveyor, High Intensity Lighting, Two Speed Gearbox, Fully Programmable Tailstock2006 Haas SL-40T Haas Control 
13681LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2001HaasSL-40T BBHaas ControlGoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 40 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Manual Chuck, Big Bore Option, Tool Presetter, Tailstock2001 Haas SL-40T BB Haas ControlYes
14013LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006HaasSL-40T BBHaas ControlVery GoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 55 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Pneumatic Chuck, High Pressure Coolant, Two Speed Geared Head, Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter, Big Bore Option, High Intensity Lighting, Remote Jog Handle2006 Haas SL-40T BB Haas ControlYes
14129LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004HaasSL-40TLHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas SL-40TL Haas ControlYes
14143LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012HaasST-30THaas ControlExcellentYes 2012 Haas ST-30T Haas ControlYes
13817LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012HaasST-30THaas ControlExcellentYes 2012 Haas ST-30T Haas ControlYes
13772LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012HaasST-40T BBHaas ControlExcellentYes34.5" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 44" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 40 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Two Speed Geared Head, Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter, Big Bore Option, USB Port, Renishaw Work Gauging, Programmable Tailstock2012 Haas ST-40T BB Haas ControlYes
14067LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1992HardingeConquest T-42 SPFanuc OTCNeed RepairYes 1992 Hardinge Conquest T-42 SP Fanuc OTCYes
13718LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2010HwacheonHi Tec 850 LFanuc OiTVery GoodYes 2010 Hwacheon Hi Tec 850 L Fanuc OiTYes
13447LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996HwacheonHi-Eco 31AFanuc OTCVery GoodYes 1996 Hwacheon Hi-Eco 31A Fanuc OTCYes
13814LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008HwacheonHi-Tech 200 AFanuc OiTCVery GoodYes 2008 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200 A Fanuc OiTCYes
13731LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2005HwacheonHi-Tech 200 AFanuc OiTBVery GoodYes 2005 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 200 A Fanuc OiTBYes
12949LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008HwacheonHi-Tech 550AFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2008 Hwacheon Hi-Tech 550A Fanuc 18iTBYes
13714LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008HwacheonMega 100 / 5000Siemens 840DVery GoodYes 2008 Hwacheon Mega 100 / 5000 Siemens 840DYes
13728LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2005Hyundai-KiaSKT-21 LFanuc OiTCVery GoodYes 2005 Hyundai-Kia SKT-21 L Fanuc OiTCYes
13106LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996IkegaiTU-15Fanuc 18TGoodYes 1996 Ikegai TU-15 Fanuc 18TYes
12404LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2002KingstonCL-38 BX / 3000Fanuc OTCGoodYes 2002 Kingston CL-38 BX / 3000 Fanuc OTCYes
13309LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2011L & L950 x 3000Fanuc OiTDExcellentYes 2011 L & L 950 x 3000 Fanuc OiTDYes
14050LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1995LeadwellLTC-30 CPLFanuc OTGoodYes 1995 Leadwell LTC-30 CPL Fanuc OTYes
13710LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012LeadwellLTC-50 CLFanuc OiTDLike NewYes 2012 Leadwell LTC-50 CL Fanuc OiTDYes
13985LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1993LeadwellLTC-50 CXLFanuc OiTCGoodYes 1993 Leadwell LTC-50 CXL Fanuc OiTCYes
13709LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1997Lodge and ShipleyProfiturn 40Fanuc 18TGoodYes 1997 Lodge and Shipley Profiturn 40 Fanuc 18TYes
13593LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL Lodge and ShipleyProfiturn 50-12Fanuc OTGoodYes  Lodge and Shipley Profiturn 50-12 Fanuc OTYes
10996LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1979MazakM-4 / 1500Fanuc 6TBVery GoodYes 1979 Mazak M-4 / 1500 Fanuc 6TBOn Way
12577LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1984MazakPowermaster 3000Fanuc 6TAVery GoodYes31.5" Swing, 16" OCS, 37" Swing in Gap, 120" Centers, 1,200 RPM, 9.5" Bore, 40 HP, Tailstock, 24" 4-Jaw Manual Chuck Front, 25" 3-Jaw Pneumatic Chuck Rear, Chip Pan1984 Mazak Powermaster 3000 Fanuc 6TAYes
14132LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998MazakPowermaster 3000NMazatrol T-PlusVery GoodYes 1998 Mazak Powermaster 3000N Mazatrol T-PlusYes
13190LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998MazakPowermaster 3000NMazatrol T-PlusVery GoodYes 1998 Mazak Powermaster 3000N Mazatrol T-PlusYes
14036LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1997MazakPowermaster 3000UMazatrol T-PlusVery GoodYe 1997 Mazak Powermaster 3000U Mazatrol T-PlusYes
14126LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2004MazakQuick Turn Nexus-100Mazatrol Fusion 640 TVery GoodYes 2004 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-100 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
14075LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2008MazakQuick Turn Nexus-250 IIMazatrol MatrixGoodYes 2008 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-250 II Mazatrol MatrixYes
14116LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998MazakQuick Turn-20NMazatrol T-PLUSGoodYes 1998 Mazak Quick Turn-20N Mazatrol T-PLUSYes
13739LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2002MazakQuick Turn-250Mazatrol Fusion 640 TVery GoodYes23.65 Swing, 10.5" SOC, 15.70 Turn Dia., 19.68" Turn Length, 5,000 RPM, 2.75" Bore, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Eye, Conversational Programming, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor2002 Mazak Quick Turn-250 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13751LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2000MazakQuick Turn-250Mazatrol Fusion 640 TVery GoodYes23.65 Swing, 10.5" SOC, 15.70 Turn Dia., 19.68" Turn Length, 5,000 RPM, 2.75" Bore, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Eye, Conversational Programming, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor2000 Mazak Quick Turn-250 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
14145LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2000MazakQuick Turn-250Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes23.65 Swing, 10.5" SOC, 15.70 Turn Dia., 19.68" Turn Length, 5,000 RPM, 2.75" Bore, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Eye, Conversational Programming, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor, LNS Quick Load Bar Feed2000 Mazak Quick Turn-250 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13984LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998MazakQuick Turn-250Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes23.65 Swing, 10.5" SOC, 15.70 Turn Dia., 19.68" Turn Length, 5,000 RPM, 2.75" Bore, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Eye, Conversational Programming, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor1998 Mazak Quick Turn-250 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
14140LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2000MazakQuick Turn-250Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes23.65 Swing, 10.5" SOC, 15.70 Turn Dia., 19.68" Turn Length, 5,000 RPM, 2.75" Bore, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Eye, Conversational Programming, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor2000 Mazak Quick Turn-250 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13673LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1995MazakQuick Turn-30Mazatrol T-PLUSVery GodYes20.8" Swing, 40" Centers, 4,200 RPM, 30 HP, 16 Sta. Turret, Tailstock, 12" 3-Jaw Air Chuck, Coolant System, Chip Conveyor, Automatic Tool Eye, Fully Programmable Tailstock1995 Mazak Quick Turn-30 Mazatrol T-PLUSYes
13164LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996MazakSlant Turn-50NMazatrol T-PLUSVery GoodYes 1996 Mazak Slant Turn-50N Mazatrol T-PLUSYes
13781LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2003MazakSlant Turn-80Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes43.16" Swing, 33.16" SOC, 82" Turn Length, 300 RPM, 20.87" Bore, 80 HP, 15 Station Turret, 32" 4-Jaw Manual Chuck, Rear Flange For Back Chuck, Re-Threading Option, Chip Conveyor, Performance Package2003 Mazak Slant Turn-80 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13520LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2001MazakSlant Turn-80Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes 2001 Mazak Slant Turn-80 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13540LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2012Mori-SeikiDuraturn 2550Mori-Seiki MSC-504ExcellentYes 2012 Mori-Seiki Duraturn 2550 Mori-Seiki MSC-504Yes
13468LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1981Mori-SeikiLL-7B / 1500Yasnac 2000GVery GoodYes 1981 Mori-Seiki LL-7B / 1500 Yasnac 2000GYes
13844LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006Mori-SeikiNL-1500 / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-850Very GoodYes 2006 Mori-Seiki NL-1500 / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-850Yes
14077LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007Mori-SeikiNL-2500 / 700Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIVery GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 / 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIYes
13962LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2007Mori-SeikiNL-3000 / 2000Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIVery GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NL-3000 / 2000 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIYes
13762LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996Mori-SeikiSL-25Fanuc 16TVery GoodYes 1996 Mori-Seiki SL-25 Fanuc 16TYes
14000LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1997Mori-SeikiSL-25 B / 500Mori-Seiki MSD-516 (Fanuc 16T)GoodYes 1997 Mori-Seiki SL-25 B / 500 Mori-Seiki MSD-516 (Fanuc 16T)Yes
14133LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1993Mori-SeikiSL-25 B / 500Moric MF-T6 (Fanuc 16T)GoodYes 1993 Mori-Seiki SL-25 B / 500 Moric MF-T6 (Fanuc 16T)Yes
12958LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1986Nakamura-TomeSlant-3 BSLFanuc 11TEGoodYes 1986 Nakamura-Tome Slant-3 BSL Fanuc 11TEYes
13954LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2003OkumaCaptain L-470OSP-E100LVery GoodYes 2003 Okuma Captain L-470 OSP-E100LYes
13465LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1998OkumaCrown L-762 SBOSP-700LVery GoodYes 1998 Okuma Crown L-762 SB OSP-700LYes
13866LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1993OkumaLB-25OSP-5020LGoodYes 1993 Okuma LB-25 OSP-5020LYes
13949LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2000OkumaLB-35 II SBBOSP-U10LVery GoodYes27.56" Swing, 18.11" Max Cut., 82" BC, 7.08" Bore, 1,400 RPM, 40 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, Chip Conveyor, Color Control2000 Okuma LB-35 II SBB OSP-U10LYes
12991LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1995OkumaLNC-8 BBOSP-5020LVery GoodYes 1995 Okuma LNC-8 BB OSP-5020LYes
14118LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1996Okuma and HowaACT-35LFanuc 18TGoodYes19.68"Swing, 17.25"SOC, 13.77" Turning Dia., 40.15" Turning Length, 3,500 RPM, 3.07" Bar Cap. 10 HP, 12 Station Turret, Programmable Tailstock Body & Quill, 12" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Chip Conveyor1996 Okuma and Howa ACT-35L Fanuc 18TYes
13713LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1980/2013VDFU1270SFagor 8055RebuiltYes 1980/2013 VDF U1270S Fagor 8055Yes
13048LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL2006Willis3280 ENCAnilam 4200 TGoodYes 2006 Willis 3280 ENC Anilam 4200 TYes
13535LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2007DoosanLynx-220 LMAFanuc OiTGoodYes 2007 Doosan Lynx-220 LMA Fanuc OiTYes
14150LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2011DoosanPuma-3100 LMYFanuc iTExcellentYes 2011 Doosan Puma-3100 LMY Fanuc iTYes
13740LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2008FemcoHL-25 MFanuc OiTCGoodYes 2008 Femco HL-25 M Fanuc OiTCYes
14106LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2009HaasSL-20 TMHaas ControlExcellentYes 2009 Haas SL-20 TM Haas ControlYes
13923LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2007HaasSL-40TL BB MHaas ControlGoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 55 HP, 10 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Air Chuck With 7.1" Hole, Tool Presetter, Programmable Hydraulic Tailstock, Big Bore Option, High Pressure Coolant (300 psi), Two Speed Geared Head, High Torque Spindle, More…2007 Haas SL-40TL BB M Haas ControlYes
13583LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2008HaasSL-40TMHaas ControlGoodYes40" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 2,400 RPM, 40 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 15" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tool Presetter, Chip Conveyor, High Intensity Lighting, Two Speed Gearbox, Fully Programmable Tailstock2008 Haas SL-40TM Haas ControlYes
14058LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2013HaasST-10T YHaas ControlLike NewYes 2013 Haas ST-10T Y Haas ControlYes
14111LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2012HaasST-20 SSYHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2012 Haas ST-20 SSY Haas ControlYes
14149LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2014HaasST-40TLM BBHaas ControlExcellentYes34.5" Swing, 25.5" Turn Dia., 51" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 55 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 18" 3-Jaw Pneumatic Chuck, High Torque Live Tooling, Two Speed Geared Head, Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter, Big Bore Option, Enhanced Remote Jog Handle, High Pressure Coolant (300 psi)2014 Haas ST-40TLM BB Haas ControlYes
11972LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2004HardingeQuest 8/51 SPFanuc 21iTVery GoodYes 2004 Hardinge Quest 8/51 SP Fanuc 21iTYes
13953LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2002HyundaiHit-160MFanuc OiTVery GoodYes18.9" Swing, 11" Turn Cap., 14" Centers, 6,000 RPM, 1.73" Bar Cap., 10 HP, 12 Stations, Collet Chuck, Tailstock, Live Tooling, Standard Tooling, Tool Setter, Tool Life Management2002 Hyundai Hit-160M Fanuc OiTYes
14134LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING1999MazakIntegrex 70 Y / 3000Mazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYes 1999 Mazak Integrex 70 Y / 3000 Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13936LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2010MazakQuick Turn Nexus-450 M IIMazatrol MatrixVery GoodYes 2010 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus-450 M II Mazatrol MatrixYes
14024LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING1995MazakSuper Quick Turn-15MMazatrol T-PlusGoodYes 1995 Mazak Super Quick Turn-15M Mazatrol T-PlusYes
13981LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING1999MazakSuper Quick Turn-250 MMazatrol Fusion 640MTGoodYes 1999 Mazak Super Quick Turn-250 M Mazatrol Fusion 640MTYes
14011LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2001MazakSuper Quick Turn-250 MYMazatrol Fusion 640 TGoodYesSwing 20.67", Max. Turning 11.75", 4,000 RPM, 30 HP, 3" Bar Cap., 10" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck Main Spindle, Automatic Tool Eye, Chip Conveyor, Parts Catcher, Chip Conveyor, SMW Spacesaver 2100 Bar Feed2001 Mazak Super Quick Turn-250 MY Mazatrol Fusion 640 TYes
13815LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2007Mori-SeikiNL-2000 MC / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-850Very GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NL-2000 MC / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-850Yes
13536LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2005Mori-SeikiNL-2000 MC / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-850GoodYes 2005 Mori-Seiki NL-2000 MC / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-850Yes
13173LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2000Mori-SeikiSL-204 MCMitsubishi MSG-803Very GoodYes 2000 Mori-Seiki SL-204 MC Mitsubishi MSG-803Yes
14001LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING1998Mori-SeikiSL-250 BMC / 1000Mitsubishi MSC-501 (18iTA)GoodYes 1998 Mori-Seiki SL-250 BMC / 1000 Mitsubishi MSC-501 (18iTA)Yes
13879LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2009OkumaCaptain L-470 M BB / 650OSP-P200LVery GoodYes 2009 Okuma Captain L-470 M BB / 650 OSP-P200LYes
13951LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING2013OkumaGenos L-300 MYOSP-P200LExcellentYes 2013 Okuma Genos L-300 MY OSP-P200LYes
13488LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, UNIVERSAL W-MILLING1998OkumaLB-15 II M BBOSP-7000LVery GoodYes20.9" Swing, 13.4" SOC, 13.4" Turning Dia., 19.7" Turning Length, 3,800 RPM, 3.15" Spindle Bore, 30 HP, 10" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Synchronized Tapping, User Task II, Lap 4, Chip Conveyor, Mac Man Animation Function, IGF, SMW Space Saver Bar Feed1998 Okuma LB-15 II M BB OSP-7000LYes
13631LATHES, CNC, 2-AXIS, W-SUB-SPINDLE1997OkumaLB-15 II WOSP-7000LGoodYes 1997 Okuma LB-15 II W OSP-7000LYes
14107LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012HaasDS-30 SSYHaas ControlExcellentCan Be 2012 Haas DS-30 SSY Haas ControlYes
14074LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2009HardingeGS-200 MSYFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2009 Hardinge GS-200 MSY Fanuc 18iTBYes
13362LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2006HwacheonCutex-240Fanuc OiTCVery GoodYes 2006 Hwacheon Cutex-240 Fanuc OiTCYes
13445LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2003KiaSKT-21 LMSFanuc OiTGoodYes 2003 Kia SKT-21 LMS Fanuc OiTYes
11336LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2001MazakIntegrex 100 SYMazatrol Fusion 640 MTVery GoodYes18" Swing, 18" Turn Dia., 6,000 RPM, 2" Bar Cap., Sub-Spindle, 40 ATC, Coolant Through Milling Head, Mazak Flex GL-750F Gantry, Renishaw OMP-40 Probing, Synchronous Tapping, Macros, EIA / ISO Programming2001 Mazak Integrex 100 SY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MTYes
13819LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2003MazakIntegrex 200 III STMazatrol Fusion 640 MTGoodYes 2003 Mazak Integrex 200 III ST Mazatrol Fusion 640 MTYes
13980LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2003MazakIntegrex 300 SYMazatrol Fusion 640 MTVery GoodYes 2003 Mazak Integrex 300 SY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MTYes
13979LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2000MazakIntegrex 400 SYMazatrol Fusion 640 MTGoodYes 2000 Mazak Integrex 400 SY Mazatrol Fusion 640 MTYes
13843LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2006Mori-SeikiNL-2000 SY / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-850Very GoodYes 2006 Mori-Seiki NL-2000 SY / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-850Yes
13880LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2007Mori-SeikiNL-2000 SY / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIVery GoodYesSwing Over Bed 36.37", Swing Over Saddle 29.72", Maximum Turning Diameter 14.01", Length 20", 5,000 RPM, 24.7 HP, 12 Sta. Turret, 2.5" Bar Capacity, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Bar Feed Interface, Tool Setter on Both Spindle, High Pressure Coolant System (1,000 psi), Coolant Filtration System, High Torque Spindle2007 Mori-Seiki NL-2000 SY / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIYes
13780LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2005Mori-SeikiNL-2500 SY / 700Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIVery GoodYes 2005 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 SY / 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIYes
13998LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2007Mori-SeikiNL-2500 SY / 700Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIVery GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NL-2500 SY / 700 Mori-Seiki MSX-850 IIIYes
13757LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012Mori-SeikiNLX-2500 SY / 500Mori-Seiki MSX-853 IVExcellentYes 2012 Mori-Seiki NLX-2500 SY / 500 Mori-Seiki MSX-853 IVYes
14125LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE1997Mori-SeikiSL-200 SMCMori-Seiki MSC-518 (Fanuc 18T)GoodYes 1997 Mori-Seiki SL-200 SMC Mori-Seiki MSC-518 (Fanuc 18T)Yes
13873LATHES, CNC, 3-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2008OkumaCaptain L-370 MW BBOSP-P200LVery GoodYesSwing Over Bed 20.8", Swing Over Saddle 16.54", Maximum Turning Diameter 13.38", Length 20", 3,800 RPM, 30 HP, 12 Sta. Turret2008 Okuma Captain L-370 MW BB OSP-P200LYes
12563LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, CHUCKER2009Okuma2SP-35HGFanuc 18iTBExcellentYes 2009 Okuma 2SP-35HG Fanuc 18iTBYes
14101LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, CHUCKER1989OkumaLC-50 2SCOSP-5020LGGoodYes 1989 Okuma LC-50 2SC OSP-5020LGYes
13975LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, CHUCKER1991Warner and Swasey2SC-25 M4500GE 1050Very GoodYes 1991 Warner and Swasey 2SC-25 M4500 GE 1050Yes
13969LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, UNIVERSAL1994OkumaLU-15 2SCOSP-5020LGoodYesSwing 22", Swing Over Cross Slide 17.7", Maximum Turning Diameter 14.17", Length 23.62", 4,500 RPM, 30 HP, 12 / 8 Sta. Turrets, 8" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Lap-4, Animation, Cycle Time Calculator, User Task 2, Barfeeder Interface, 3.5" Floppy Drive, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock1994 Okuma LU-15 2SC OSP-5020LYes
13836LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2005DaewooPuma-TT-2500 MSYFanuc 18iTBGoodYes 2005 Daewoo Puma-TT-2500 MSY Fanuc 18iTBYes
13993LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012DoosanPuma-TT-1800 SYFanuc 31iAVery GoodYes 2012 Doosan Puma-TT-1800 SY Fanuc 31iAYes
13798LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2008DoosanPuma-TT-1800 SYFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2008 Doosan Puma-TT-1800 SY Fanuc 18iTBYes
13510LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2005GildemeisterGMX-400 LinearSiemens 840DVery GoodYes 2005 Gildemeister GMX-400 Linear Siemens 840DYes
13572LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2000HardingeConquest TT-65 MCFanuc 18iTVeryYes 2000 Hardinge Conquest TT-65 MC Fanuc 18iTYes
14099LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2002HardingeConquest TT-65 MCYFanuc 18iTVery GoodYes 2002 Hardinge Conquest TT-65 MCY Fanuc 18iTYes
13433LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2000HardingeConquest TT-65YFanuc 18iTGoodYes 2000 Hardinge Conquest TT-65Y Fanuc 18iTYes
14120LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012Nakamura-TomeSuper NTM-3YFanuc 31iAVery GoodYes 2012 Nakamura-Tome Super NTM-3Y Fanuc 31iAYes
13575LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2007Nakamura-TomeWT-250Fanuc 18iTBExcellentYesSwing 11.2", Swing Over C.S. 9.84", Maximum Turning Diameter 9.84", Length 21.85", 4,500 RPM, 26 HP, 2 - 12 Sta. Turrets, Sub Spindle, Full C-Axis2007 Nakamura-Tome WT-250 Fanuc 18iTBYes
12945LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2010Nakamura-TomeWT-250 II MMFanuc 21iTVery GoodYesSwing 11.2", Swing Over C.S. 9.84", Maximum Turning Diameter 9.84", Length 21.85", Y-Axis, 4,500 RPM, 26 HP, 2 - 12 Sta. Turrets, Sub Spindle, Full C-Axis, ATS Collet Chuck Main Spindle, 8" 3-Jaw Sub Spindle, Chip Conveyor, Miscellaneous Tooling2010 Nakamura-Tome WT-250 II MM Fanuc 21iTYes
13314LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE1995OkumaLT-25 MOSP-5020LNeeds RepairNo 1995 Okuma LT-25 M OSP-5020LYes
13517LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2003OkumaLT-300 MOSP-E100LGoodYes 2003 Okuma LT-300 M OSP-E100LYes
11966LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2004OkumaMacTurn 350-BBW 2S / 1500OSP-E100LVery GoodYes 2004 Okuma MacTurn 350-BBW 2S / 1500 OSP-E100LYes
13121LATHES, CNC, 4-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2008OkumaMultus B300 BB SWOSP-P200LVery GoodYes 2008 Okuma Multus B300 BB SW OSP-P200LYes
13833LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012DoosanMX-2100 STFanuc 31iAExcellentYes 2012 Doosan MX-2100 ST Fanuc 31iAYes
13877LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2007DoosanMX-2500 STFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2007 Doosan MX-2500 ST Fanuc 18iTBYes
13889LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2012DoosanMX-2600 STFanuc 31iALike NewYes 2012 Doosan MX-2600 ST Fanuc 31iAYes
13733LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2005Mori-SeikiMT-2000 AIS / ZMori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iT)Very GoodYes 2005 Mori-Seiki MT-2000 AIS / Z Mori-Seiki MSX-501 (Fanuc 18iT)Yes
13668LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2007Mori-SeikiZT-1500 YBMori-Seiki MSX-501GoodYes9.8" Swg, 39.37" Between Spindles, 6,000 RPM, 30 HP, 2" Bar Cap., Sub Spindle, Live Tools, Y-Axis,2007 Mori-Seiki ZT-1500 YB Mori-Seiki MSX-501Yes
13505LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2004Mori-SeikiZT-2500 YMori-Seiki MSX-501Very GoodYes 2004 Mori-Seiki ZT-2500 Y Mori-Seiki MSX-501Yes
13825LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2008Nakamura-TomeWT-300 MMYFanuc 18iTBExcellentYes 2008 Nakamura-Tome WT-300 MMY Fanuc 18iTBYes
12637LATHES, CNC, 6-AXIS, W-MILLING and SUB-SPINDLE2005Nakamura-TomeWT-300 MMYFanuc 18iTBVery GoodYes 2005 Nakamura-Tome WT-300 MMY Fanuc 18iTBYes
13828LATHES, CNC, GANG STYLE2007HaasGT-10Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas GT-10 Haas ControlYes
14066LATHES, CNC, GANG STYLE2005HardingeGT-27 SPFanuc 21iTBVery GoodYes 2005 Hardinge GT-27 SP Fanuc 21iTBYes
13315LATHES, CNC, GANG STYLE1997Mori-SeikiBBL-05Mori-Seiki MSC-521 TB No 1997 Mori-Seiki BBL-05 Mori-Seiki MSC-521 TBYes
12689LATHES, ENGINE2001AcraFEL 22120 GoodYes 2001 Acra FEL 22120 Yes
12299LATHES, ENGINE1951/2006AmericanPacemaker 43" x 312" GoodYes43 1/2" Swing, 29" OCS, 22" Turn Dia., 312" Centers, 600 RPM, 40 HP, Inch Threading, 28" 4-Jaw Chuck, 16" & 18" Steady Rests, Thread Dial, Taper Attachment, Hard and Ground Ways1951/2006 American Pacemaker 43" x 312" Yes
13149LATHES, ENGINE2001American TurnmasterPower One 35-120 GoodYes 2001 American Turnmaster Power One 35-120 Yes
12557LATHES, ENGINE1982BroadbentBL16HSK Very GoodYes 1982 Broadbent BL16HSK Yes
14124LATHES, ENGINE2006Clausing MetosaC1340S Very GoodYes 2006 Clausing Metosa C1340S Yes
13760LATHES, ENGINE1999GeminisGE 1350 Very GoodYes 1999 Geminis GE 1350 Yes
13293LATHES, ENGINE HarrisonM500 GoodYes  Harrison M500 Yes
13972LATHES, ENGINE1991KingstonHR-2000 ExcellentYes 1991 Kingston HR-2000 Yes
13555LATHES, ENGINE1956Leblond20 LE  YesSwing Over Bed 20", Swing Over Saddle 15 1/4", Maximum Turning Length 126", 2,000 RPM, 20 HP, Tailstock,15" 3-Jaw Chuck, 18" 4-Jaw Chuck, Aloris Tool Post, Inch / Metric Threading, Taper Attachment, Thread Dial Gear Stripped on Carriage1956 Leblond 20 LE Yes
13189LATHES, ENGINE Leblond4025  Yes  Leblond 4025 On Way
12896LATHES, ENGINE1960LeblondNK 36" x 60" GoodYes 1960 Leblond NK 36" x 60" Yes
10994LATHES, ENGINE1975LeblondNK 4025 GoodYes 1975 Leblond NK 4025 Yes
12634LATHES, ENGINE1963LeblondRegal GoodYes 1963 Leblond Regal Yes
13543LATHES, ENGINE1965Lodge and ShipleyMagna Turn 4025 GoodYes 1965 Lodge and Shipley Magna Turn 4025 Yes
12015LATHES, ENGINE1964SchaererUD-630 ExcellentYes26" Swing, 16" OCS, 240" Centers, 1,400 RPM, 3" Bore, 18" 4-Jaw Chuck, 24" 4-Jaw Chuck, 16" 3-Jaw Chuck (Forkardt), 16" Face Plate, Coolant Pump, Thread Dial, New Rapid Travel Motor, Steady Rests, Follow Rest, Four (4) Way Quick Change Tool Post1964 Schaerer UD-630 Yes
12869LATHES, ENGINE1974Summit29" x 120" Very GoodYes 1974 Summit 29" x 120" Yes
12612LATHES, ENGINE1979SzimEE-800 Very GoodYes 1979 Szim EE-800 Yes
12908LATHES, ENGINE1993ToolmexTUG-40 Very GoodYes 1993 Toolmex TUG-40 Yes
13956MACHINING CENTER, VERT, CNC - 4 AXIS W- PALLETS2000HaasVF-2Haas ControlGoodYes 2000 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
11154MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC2013Amera-SeikiVB-3Fanuc 21iMBNewYes 2013 Amera-Seiki VB-3 Fanuc 21iMBYes
14152MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC2011Amera-SeikiVB-3Fanuc OMiDGoodYes 2011 Amera-Seiki VB-3 Fanuc OMiDYes
13249MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC2013Amera-SeikiVB-4Fanuc OiMDNewYes 2013 Amera-Seiki VB-4 Fanuc OiMD 
7624MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC2001MascoBridgemaxFanuc 16iVery GoodYes 2001 Masco Bridgemax Fanuc 16iYes
11050MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC1999SNKPM-6B ProfilerFanuc 15MVery GoodYes133' x 120" Table, 132" Distance Between Columns, Travel of Each Gantry 97', 120' x 120" x 32" Travels, +/- 25° A & B, 7,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 40 HP, Twin Gantry Machine with Three (3) Spindle Each1999 SNK PM-6B Profiler Fanuc 15MYes
11648MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC1999ToshibaMPF-2140Tosnuc 888Very GoodYes 1999 Toshiba MPF-2140 Tosnuc 888Yes
13214MACHINING CENTERS, GANTRY TYPE, NC-CNC2008ToyodaRB-312Fanuc 18iVery GoodYes 2008 Toyoda RB-312 Fanuc 18iYes
12312MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2014Amera-SeikiAH-1000Fanuc OiMDNewNo 2014 Amera-Seiki AH-1000 Fanuc OiMDYes
11320MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1999CincinnatiMaxim-630Acramatic 2100EVery GoodNo 1999 Cincinnati Maxim-630 Acramatic 2100EYes
13146MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1996DaewooAce H-100Fanuc 16MCGoodYes 1996 Daewoo Ace H-100 Fanuc 16MCYes
14085MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1995DaewooAce-50SFanuc 15MVery GoodYes 1995 Daewoo Ace-50S Fanuc 15MYes
14090MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1998DaewooAce-H500Fanuc 16MVery GoodYes 1998 Daewoo Ace-H500 Fanuc 16MYes
14046MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2004DaewooDHP-5000Fanuc 18iMVery GoodYes 2004 Daewoo DHP-5000 Fanuc 18iMYes
11951MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2003DoosanDHM-800Fanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2003 Doosan DHM-800 Fanuc 18iMBYes
13349MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2007DoosanDHP-4000Fanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2007 Doosan DHP-4000 Fanuc 18iMBYes
13871MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2012DoosanHM-1250Fanuc 31iMBExcellentYes 2012 Doosan HM-1250 Fanuc 31iMBYes
12932MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2002Giddings and LewisHMC-410Siemens 840DVery GoodYes 2002 Giddings and Lewis HMC-410 Siemens 840DYes
13443MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005HaasEC-400Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas EC-400 Haas ControlYes
13808MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2008HaasEC-400 PPHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas EC-400 PP Haas ControlYes
13899MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005HaasEC-500Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas EC-500 Haas ControlYes
12842MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1997HaasHS-1RPHaas ControlVery GoodYes 1997 Haas HS-1RP Haas ControlYes
13826MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2010Hyundai-KiaHS-400iFanuc 21iMBExcellentYes 2010 Hyundai-Kia HS-400i Fanuc 21iMBYes
12374MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2007JohnfordHMC-500HFanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2007 Johnford HMC-500H Fanuc 18iMBYes
10801MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1996KitamuraH-400Fanuc 15MVery GoodYes 1996 Kitamura H-400 Fanuc 15MYes
14097MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1995KitamuraH-500Fanuc 15MVery GoodYes 1995 Kitamura H-500 Fanuc 15MYes
13922MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2009KitamuraHX-1000iFanuc 16iMBVery GoodYes 2009 Kitamura HX-1000i Fanuc 16iMBYes
13768MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000KitamuraHX-500iFanuc 16iMAVery GoodYes 2000 Kitamura HX-500i Fanuc 16iMAYes
13988MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2011KitamuraHX-630iFanuc 16iMBExcellentYes 2011 Kitamura HX-630i Fanuc 16iMBYes
13917MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1997KurakiKHM-125Fanuc 16MVery GoodYes 1997 Kuraki KHM-125 Fanuc 16MYes
13934MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005MakinoA-51Fanuc Pro 5Very GoodYes 2005 Makino A-51 Fanuc Pro 5Yes
13944MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000MakinoA-55 EFanuc Pro 3Very GoodYes 2000 Makino A-55 E Fanuc Pro 3Yes
14048MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1999MakinoA-77Fanuc 16M Pro3GoodYes 1999 Makino A-77 Fanuc 16M Pro3Yes
12892MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000MakinoA-88Fanuc Pro 3GoodYes 2000 Makino A-88 Fanuc Pro 3Yes
13566MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1997MakinoMCB-1210Fanuc 16M Pro3GoodYes 1997 Makino MCB-1210 Fanuc 16M Pro3Yes
11053MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1990MazakH-400Mazatrol M-32BGoodYes 1990 Mazak H-400 Mazatrol M-32BOn Way
13829MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2011MazakHCN-6000 IIMazatrol MatrixVery GoodYes 2011 Mazak HCN-6000 II Mazatrol MatrixYes
14112MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2009MazakIntegrex E-1060 V/8 IIMazak E-TowerLike NewYes 2009 Mazak Integrex E-1060 V/8 II Mazak E-TowerYes
13025MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2003MazakIntegrex E-1850 V12Mazatrol Fusion 640 MGoodYes 2003 Mazak Integrex E-1850 V12 Mazatrol Fusion 640 MYes
13767MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2003MazakPFH-5800Mazatrol Fusion 640 MVery GoodYesTwo 19.7" Pallets, 28.74" x 28.74" x 29.13" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 30 HP, 80 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Coolant Through Spindle (1,000 psi), 2 Gig Hard Drive, Renishaw Touch Probe MP-10, Spindle Chiller, Much More.2003 Mazak PFH-5800 Mazatrol Fusion 640 MYes
13769MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1998MazakUltra-550Mazatrol M-PlusVery GoodYesTwo 19.7" Pallets, 28" x 25.6" x 25.6" Travels, 7,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 25 HP, 120 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Coolant Through Spindle1998 Mazak Ultra-550 Mazatrol M-PlusYes
12925MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2004MitsubishiM-H4050Fanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2004 Mitsubishi M-H4050 Fanuc 18iMBYes
11121MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1995MitsubishiM-H60DMitsubishi Meldas 330HMVGoodYes 1995 Mitsubishi M-H60D Mitsubishi Meldas 330HMVYes
13970MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1999Mitsui-SeikiHJ-100AFanuc 15MVery GoodYes 1999 Mitsui-Seiki HJ-100A Fanuc 15MYes
13602MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1996Mitsui-SeikiHS-6AFanuc 15MGoodYes 1996 Mitsui-Seiki HS-6A Fanuc 15MYes
13043MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1995Mitsui-SeikiHT-3AFanuc 15MAVery GoodYes 1995 Mitsui-Seiki HT-3A Fanuc 15MAYes
13971MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1993Mitsui-SeikiJIDIC-H6CFanuc 15MVery Good  1993 Mitsui-Seiki JIDIC-H6C Fanuc 15MYes
13389MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005Mori-SeikiNH-4000 / 40 DCGMori-Seiki MSX-501ExcellentYes 2005 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 / 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-501Yes
12971MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2007Mori-SeikiNH-4000 / 40 DCGMori-Seiki MSX-701 IIIVery GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 / 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701 IIIYes
14114MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005Mori-SeikiNH-4000 / 40 DCGMori-Seiki MSG-501Very GoodYes 2005 Mori-Seiki NH-4000 / 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSG-501Yes
13143MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2004Mori-SeikiNH-5000 / 40Mori-Seiki MSG-501GoodYes 2004 Mori-Seiki NH-5000 / 40 Mori-Seiki MSG-501Yes
14115MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2007Mori-SeikiNH-5000 / 40 DCGMori-Seiki MSX-701M IIIVery GoodYes 2007 Mori-Seiki NH-5000 / 40 DCG Mori-Seiki MSX-701M IIIYes
13250MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2012Mori-SeikiNHX-4000Mori-Seiki MSX-501 IIIExcellentYes 2012 Mori-Seiki NHX-4000 Mori-Seiki MSX-501 IIIYes
13803MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2013Mori-SeikiNHX-4000Mori-Seiki M730 BMExcellentYesTwo 15.75" Pallets, 22.047" x 22.047" x 25.9842" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 40 HP, 60 ATC, Chip Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant Through Spindle, Direct Scale Feedback on X, Y & Z Axes, Big Plus Spindle, Spindle Chiller, ChipBlaster Unit, Big Plus Spindle2013 Mori-Seiki NHX-4000 Mori-Seiki M730 BMYes
13514MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2010Mori-SeikiNMH-5000Mori-Seiki MSX-711 (Fanuc 31iT)Very GoodYes 2010 Mori-Seiki NMH-5000 Mori-Seiki MSX-711 (Fanuc 31iT)Yes
13037MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1996NiigataSPN-50Fanuc 16MGoodYes19.7" x 19.7" Pallets, Full 4th, 29.5" x 29.5" x 29.5 Travels, 12,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 60 ATC, Prepped For Coolant Through Spindle, Chip Conveyor, Remote Jog Handle1996 Niigata SPN-50 Fanuc 16MYes
13738MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2002OKKHM-4Fanuc 21iMVery GoodYes 2002 OKK HM-4 Fanuc 21iMYes
14039MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2010OKKHM-500 SFanuc 310 iSVery GoodYes 2010 OKK HM-500 S Fanuc 310 iSYes
11482MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1994OKKKCH-500Mitsubishi Meldas 500GoodYes 1994 OKK KCH-500 Mitsubishi Meldas 500Yes
12663MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000OkumaMA-40 HAOSP-E100MVery GoodYes 2000 Okuma MA-40 HA OSP-E100MYes
14033MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000OkumaMA-50 HBOSP-U100MGoodYes19.69" x 19.69" Pallets, Full Forth, 27.56" x 31.49" x 27.55" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 25 HP, 40 ATC, Color Graphics Display, Chip Conveyor, Linear Ways, Coolant Through Spindle, Remote Jog Handle, User Task II2000 Okuma MA-50 HB OSP-U100MYes
13699MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2004OkumaMAB-80HOSP-E1000M-HGoodYes 2004 Okuma MAB-80H OSP-E1000M-HYes
14043MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1994OkumaMX-50 HBOSP-7000MGoodYes 1994 Okuma MX-50 HB OSP-7000MYes
13883MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000OkumaMX-50 HBOSP U100MGoodYes 2000 Okuma MX-50 HB OSP U100MYes
13784MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000OkumaMX-50 HBOSP U100MGoodYes 2000 Okuma MX-50 HB OSP U100MYes
14044MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1994OkumaMX-50 HBOSP-7000MGoodYes 1994 Okuma MX-50 HB OSP-7000MYes
13948MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2000OkumaMX-60 HBOSP-7000MGoodYes 2000 Okuma MX-60 HB OSP-7000MYes
14031MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2005Okuma and HowaMillac 630HFanuc 16iMVery GoodYes 2005 Okuma and Howa Millac 630H Fanuc 16iMYes
10006MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1989ScharmannSalon 2  Yes 1989 Scharmann Salon 2 On Way
10807MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1997ToshibaBMC-500Tosnuc 800GoodYes 1997 Toshiba BMC-500 Tosnuc 800Yes
13790MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1995ToshibaBMC-80ETosnuc 800GoodYes 1995 Toshiba BMC-80E Tosnuc 800Yes
11413MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC1990ToyodaFH-55Fanuc 15MNeeds RepairNo 1990 Toyoda FH-55 Fanuc 15MOn Way
13882MACHINING CENTERS, HORIZONTAL CNC2008ToyodaFH-550 RFanuc 31iAGoodYes 2008 Toyoda FH-550 R Fanuc 31iAYes
10636MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2011Amera-SeikiVX5-3Fanuc 31iMANew  2011 Amera-Seiki VX5-3 Fanuc 31iMAYes
9203MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1989/2007Cincinnati20V-120Centroid M 400Very GoodYes122" x 29.92" Table, 120" x 30" x 24" Travels, +/- 29° A / B Travels, 3,600 RPM, 50 Taper, 25 HP, Coolant System, Full Five Axis Control, Machine Retrofitted With New Servos and Centroid Control in 20071989/2007 Cincinnati 20V-120 Centroid M 400Yes
9204MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1985/06Cincinnati20V-80Centroid M 400Very GoodYes84.05" x 29.92" Table, 78.74" x 29.94" x 24" Travels, +/- 25° A / B Travels, 3,600 RPM, 50 Taper, 25 HP, Coolant System, Full Five Axis Control, Machine Retrofitted With New Servos and Centroid Control in 20071985/06 Cincinnati 20V-80 Centroid M 400On Way
13838MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998CincinnatiArrow 1000Vickers PC-2100GoodYes 1998 Cincinnati Arrow 1000 Vickers PC-2100Yes
13802MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008Cincinnati-MagFTV 840-1800Fanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2008 Cincinnati-Mag FTV 840-1800 Fanuc 18iMBYes
13319MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999DaewooDMV-500Fanuc 18MGoodYes 1999 Daewoo DMV-500 Fanuc 18MYes
11396MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998DaewooDMV-650 / 50Fanuc 18MCGoodYes 1998 Daewoo DMV-650 / 50 Fanuc 18MCYes
13352MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999DaewooMynx-500Mitsubishi 520MGoodYes 1999 Daewoo Mynx-500 Mitsubishi 520MYes
12844MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997Dah LihMCV-1020Fanuc OMVery GoodYes 1997 Dah Lih MCV-1020 Fanuc OMYes
12911MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998Dah LihMCV-1500Fanuc 18MGoodYes 1998 Dah Lih MCV-1500 Fanuc 18MYes
13832MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008DoosanMV-6030Fanuc 21iMBVery GoodYes 2008 Doosan MV-6030 Fanuc 21iMBYes
13939MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001FadalVMC-15 XTFadal 32MP CNCExcellentYes 2001 Fadal VMC-15 XT Fadal 32MP CNCYes
12843MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1994FadalVMC-15 XTFadal 88HSVery GoodYes 1994 Fadal VMC-15 XT Fadal 88HSYes
12621MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000FadalVMC-4020Fadal 32MP CNCVery GoodYes47" x 20" Table, 40" x 20" x 28" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 22.5 HP, 30 ATC, Rigid Tapping, RS-232 Port2000 Fadal VMC-4020 Fadal 32MP CNCYes
13346MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1996FadalVMC-4020 HTFadal 88HSGoodYes47" x 20" Table, 40" x 20" x 28" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 22.5 HP, 30 ATC, Rigid Tapping, High Torque, RS-232 Port, Remote Jog Handle, 4th Axis Pre-Wired, Graphics1996 Fadal VMC-4020 HT Fadal 88HSYes
13475MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006FadalVMC-4020 HTFanuc 18iMVery GoodYes47.94" x 20" Table, 40" x 20" x 28" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 22.5 HP, 21 ATC, Rigid Tapping, High Torque, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor, Enhanced Remote Jog Handle, Memory Card Reader, Machine Cut Plastic2006 Fadal VMC-4020 HT Fanuc 18iMYes
13148MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001FadalVMC-4020AFadal 88HSGoodYes47.94" x 20" Table, 40" x 20" x 20" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 20 HP, 21 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Coolant System, Cool Power, Sub Plate2001 Fadal VMC-4020A Fadal 88HSYes
13033MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998FadalVMC-5020AFadal 88HSGoodYes 1998 Fadal VMC-5020A Fadal 88HSYes
13700MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998FadalVMC-6030Fadal 32MP CNCGoodYes 1998 Fadal VMC-6030 Fadal 32MP CNCYes
13701MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997FadalVMC-6030 HTFadal 88HSVery GoodYes 1997 Fadal VMC-6030 HT Fadal 88HSYes
14057MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002FadalVMC-6030 HTFadal 32MP CNCVery GoodYes62.5" x 30" Table, 60" x 30" x 30" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 22.5 HP, 21 ATC, Rigid Tapping, High Torque, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor, Enhanced Remote Jog Handle, Memory Card Reader, Machine Cut Plastic2002 Fadal VMC-6030 HT Fadal 32MP CNCYes
14113MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007FadalVMC-6535 HTFadal 88HSVery GoodYes 2007 Fadal VMC-6535 HT Fadal 88HSYes
13745MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2003FadalVMC-6535 HTFadal 32MP CNCVery GoodYes 2003 Fadal VMC-6535 HT Fadal 32MP CNCYes
13806MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasMini-MillHaas ControlExcellentYes 2008 Haas Mini-Mill Haas ControlYes
13779MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000HaasMini-MillHaas ControlVery GoodYes28.75" x 12" Table, 16" x 12" x 10" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Coolant System, Spindle Orientation, Quick Code, USB Port2000 Haas Mini-Mill Haas ControlYes
14082MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002HaasMini-MillHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2002 Haas Mini-Mill Haas ControlYes
14081MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2012HaasMini-MillHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2012 Haas Mini-Mill Haas ControlYes
13874MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasMini-MillHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas Mini-Mill Haas ControlYes
13995MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasTM-1Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas TM-1 Haas ControlYes
14022MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006HaasTM-1PHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2006 Haas TM-1P Haas ControlYes
13597MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasTM-2Haas ControlGood  2004 Haas TM-2 Haas ControlYes
13775MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasVF-10/50Haas ControlVery GoodYes120" x 28" Table, 7,500 RPM, 40 Taper, 30 HP, 30 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Rigid Tapping, 3.5" Floppy Drive, Programmable Coolant Nozzel, Chip Auger, Macros, Quick Code, Coolant Through Spindle (300 psi), Auxiliary Coolant Filtration System, Two (2) Speed Geared Head, USB Port, Visual Quick Code Work and Tool Probe System, New Spindle2007 Haas VF-10/50 Haas ControlYes
13930MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002HaasVF-11/50Haas ControlGoodYes 2002 Haas VF-11/50 Haas ControlYes
13912MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001HaasVF-2Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2001 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
13102MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000HaasVF-2Haas ControlGoodYes 2000 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
13968MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasVF-2Haas ControlGoodYes 2007 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
13919MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002HaasVF-2Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2002 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
14135MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998HaasVF-2Haas ControlGoodYes 1998 Haas VF-2 Haas ControlYes
13967MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasVF-2 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas VF-2 SS Haas ControlYes
14009MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasVF-2 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas VF-2 SS Haas ControlYes
14008MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasVF-2 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas VF-2 SS Haas ControlYes
13990MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasVF-2 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas VF-2 SS Haas ControlYes
14021MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasVF-2 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas VF-2 SS Haas ControlYes
13932MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasVF-2 YTHaas ControlExcellentYes 2008 Haas VF-2 YT Haas ControlYes
13891MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005HaasVF-3Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
13983MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006HaasVF-3Haas ControlGoodYes48" x 18" Table, 40" x 20" x 25" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 20 HP, 24 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, Programmable Coolant, Visual Quick Code, Macros, Tool Probe System, 4th Axis Interface - Brush (no table)2006 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
13898MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005HaasVF-3Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
13982MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002HaasVF-3Haas ControlGoodYes48" x 18" Table, 40" x 20" x 25" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 20 HP, 24 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, Programmable Coolant, Visual Quick Code, Macros, Tool Probe System, 4th Axis Interface - Brush (no table)2002 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
14147MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasVF-3Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2008 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
14020MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001HaasVF-3Haas ControlVery GoodYes48" x 18" Table, 40" x 20" x 25" Travels, 7,500 RPM, 20 HP, 24 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, 3.5" Floppy Drive, Programmable Coolant, RS-232 Port, Coordinate Rotation and Scaling, Spindle Orientation, Much More….2001 Haas VF-3 Haas ControlYes
14070MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasVF-3 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas VF-3 SS Haas ControlYes
14049MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008HaasVF-3 SSHaas ControlExcellentYes 2008 Haas VF-3 SS Haas ControlYes
14042MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2010HaasVF-3 YT / 50Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2010 Haas VF-3 YT / 50 Haas ControlYes
13226MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1996HaasVF-4Haas ControlGoodYes52" x 18" Table, 50" x 20" x 25" Travels, 7,500 RPM, 15 HP, 21 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, 3.5" Floppy Drive, Two (2) Speed Geared Head, Programmable Coolant, RS-232 Port, Remote Jog Handle1996 Haas VF-4 Haas ControlYes
14060MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005HaasVF-4 SSHaas ControlVery GoodYes 2005 Haas VF-4 SS Haas ControlYes
14093MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007HaasVF-5/40Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2007 Haas VF-5/40 Haas ControlYes
14037MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002HaasVF-5/40Haas ControlGoodYes 2002 Haas VF-5/40 Haas ControlYes
13304MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000HaasVF-5/40Haas ControlGoodYes 2000 Haas VF-5/40 Haas ControlYes
13915MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2011HaasVF-6/40Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2011 Haas VF-6/40 Haas ControlYes
14062MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998HaasVF-6/40Haas ControlGoodYes 1998 Haas VF-6/40 Haas ControlYes
14023MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000HaasVF-6/40Haas ControlGoodYes 2000 Haas VF-6/40 Haas ControlYes
13741MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasVF-6/40Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas VF-6/40 Haas ControlYes
14088MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004HaasVF-6/50Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2004 Haas VF-6/50 Haas ControlYes
13813MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997HaasVF-6/50Haas ControlGoodYes 1997 Haas VF-6/50 Haas ControlYes
14108MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2013HaasVF-8/40Haas ControlExcellentYes 2013 Haas VF-8/40 Haas ControlYes
13750MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998HaasVF-EHaas ControlGoodYes 1998 Haas VF-E Haas ControlYes
13084MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997HaasVF-EHaas ControlVery GoodYes 1997 Haas VF-E Haas ControlYes
13053MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997HaasVF-OHaas ControlGoodYes 1997 Haas VF-O Haas ControlYes
13897MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2010HaasVM-6Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2010 Haas VM-6 Haas ControlYes
13809MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2013HaasVS-3Haas ControlVery GoodYes 2013 Haas VS-3 Haas ControlYes
11317MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997HurcoBMC-30Ultramax SSMGoodYes 1997 Hurco BMC-30 Ultramax SSMYes
11317MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997HurcoBMC-30Ultramax SSMGoodYes 1997 Hurco BMC-30 Ultramax SSMYes
13522MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006HurcoVMX-42Ultimax CNCGoodYes 2006 Hurco VMX-42 Ultimax CNCYes
13391MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001HurcoVSX-24Ultramax SSMVery GoodYes 2001 Hurco VSX-24 Ultramax SSMYes
13959MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005JohnfordSV-32Fanuc OiMBVery GoodYes 2005 Johnford SV-32 Fanuc OiMBYes
13461MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999JohnfordVMC-2000 SHDFanuc 18MVery GoodYes 1999 Johnford VMC-2000 SHD Fanuc 18MYes
14029MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007Kao-MingKMC-1500VFanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2007 Kao-Ming KMC-1500V Fanuc 18iMBYes
12503MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1993KitamuraMycenter-1Fanuc OMGoodYes30.94" x 13.97" Table, 19.1" x 13" x 16" Travels, 13,000 RPM, 35 Taper, 10 HP, 20 ATC, Chip Conveyor, Rigid Tapping1993 Kitamura Mycenter-1 Fanuc OMYes
12513MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1994KitamuraMycenter-3XYasnac I80MGoodYes 1994 Kitamura Mycenter-3X Yasnac I80MYes
14098MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997KitamuraMycenter-3XYasnac I80MGoodYes 1997 Kitamura Mycenter-3X Yasnac I80MYes
12514MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1997KitamuraMycenter-4XYasnac I80MGoodYes 1997 Kitamura Mycenter-4X Yasnac I80MYes
13693MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2004LeadwellMCV-1900Fanuc 18MCVery GoodYes 2004 Leadwell MCV-1900 Fanuc 18MCYes
12830MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998LeadwellV-60Fanuc 21MFairYes66" x 29.52" Table, 59.8" x 29.9" x 24" Travels, 8,000 RPM, 20 HP, 40 Taper, 24 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Many Extras1998 Leadwell V-60 Fanuc 21MYes
13931MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006LeadwellVMC-2200VFanuc 21iMBGoodYes 2006 Leadwell VMC-2200V Fanuc 21iMBYes
13834MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999Leblond-MakinoSNC-64 GSFanuc 160iMAVery GoodYes 1999 Leblond-Makino SNC-64 GS Fanuc 160iMAYes
11619MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1989MatsuuraMC-600 VYasnac I80GoodYes 1989 Matsuura MC-600 V Yasnac I80Yes
12629MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1995MatsuuraMC-600-VFYasnac I80GoodYes 1995 Matsuura MC-600-VF Yasnac I80Yes
13541MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2003MazakNexus VCN-510CMazatrol Fusion 640 MVery GoodYes 2003 Mazak Nexus VCN-510C Mazatrol Fusion 640 MYes
14017MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007MazakNexus VCN-510CMazatrol MatrixVery GoodYes 2007 Mazak Nexus VCN-510C Mazatrol MatrixYes
14121MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008MazakNexus VCN-510C IIMazatrol MatrixVery GoodYes 2008 Mazak Nexus VCN-510C II Mazatrol MatrixYes
13758MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000MazakVTC-200BMazatrol Fusion 640MGoodYes57.48" x 20.08" Table, 44.09" x 20.08" x 20.08" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 24 ATC, Tool Life Monitoring, Rigid Tapping, Tool Breakage Detection, RS-232 Port, EIA / ISO / G00 Functions, Tool Eye Touch, Hard Drive2000 Mazak VTC-200B Mazatrol Fusion 640MYes
13601MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001MazakVTC-250 DMazatrol Fusion 640MGoodYes 2001 Mazak VTC-250 D Mazatrol Fusion 640MYes
10380MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1996Mighty CometVMC-1100 PHMitsubishi 500MGoodYes 1996 Mighty Comet VMC-1100 PH Mitsubishi 500MYes
14003MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2003Mighty ViperVMC-1270 AMitsubishi Magic 64Very GoodYes 2003 Mighty Viper VMC-1270 A Mitsubishi Magic 64Yes
9763MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000MilltronicsCSS-1000 CGICenturion 6 SLSVery GoodYes45" x 16" Table, 30" x 16" x 16" Travels, 8,000 RPM, 24 HP, 20 ATC, Reverse Engineering2000 Milltronics CSS-1000 CGI Centurion 6 SLSYes
13325MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1986Mitsui-SeikiVS5AFanuc 11MGoodYes47.24" x 23.62" Table, 42.5" x 25.59" x 24" Travels, 4,500 RPM, 40 Taper, 20 HP, 30 ATC, 4th Axis Interface, Chip Auger, Remote Jog Handle, Full Enclosure, 2 Meg of Memory1986 Mitsui-Seiki VS5A Fanuc 11MYes
13726MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1995MonarchVMC-175BFanuc 16MVery GoodYes 1995 Monarch VMC-175B Fanuc 16MYes
12963MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998MonarchVMC-175BFanuc 15MBVery GoodYes 1998 Monarch VMC-175B Fanuc 15MBYes
14028MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2011Mori-SeikiDuraVertical 1035Mori-Seiki M730 BMVery GoodYes 2011 Mori-Seiki DuraVertical 1035 Mori-Seiki M730 BMYes
13236MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2010Mori-SeikiDuraVertical 5100Mori-Seiki MSX-504Very GoodYes 2010 Mori-Seiki DuraVertical 5100 Mori-Seiki MSX-504Yes
13124MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1992Mori-SeikiMV-40Yasnac I80MGoodYes43.3" x 17.7" Table, 31.5" x 16.15" x 20.1" Travels, 8,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 HP, 20 ATC, Rigid Tapping, 4th Axis Interface (no table)1992 Mori-Seiki MV-40 Yasnac I80MYes
13421MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1995Mori-SeikiMV-40 MYasnac I80MBVery GoodYes43.3" x 17.7" Table, 31.5" x 16.15" x 20.1" Travels, 8,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 10 HP, 20 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Tool Holders1995 Mori-Seiki MV-40 M Yasnac I80MBYes
14091MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2001Mori-SeikiMV-653/50Mori-Seiki MSG-803Very GoodYes 2001 Mori-Seiki MV-653/50 Mori-Seiki MSG-803Yes
13425MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008Mori-SeikiNV-5000 / 50Mitsubishi MSC-501 (18iMA)Very GoodYes 2008 Mori-Seiki NV-5000 / 50 Mitsubishi MSC-501 (18iMA)Yes
12273MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998Mori-SeikiSV-500 / 50Mitsubishi MSX-501Very GoodYes43.31" x 23.62" Table, 31.5" x 20.08" x 20.08" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 22 HP, 30 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Helical Interpolation1998 Mori-Seiki SV-500 / 50 Mitsubishi MSX-501Yes
13423MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999Mori-SeikiSV-500 / 50Mitsubishi MSC-501MGoodYes43.31" x 23.62" Table, 31.5" x 20.08" x 20.08" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 22 HP, 30 ATC, 50 Taper1999 Mori-Seiki SV-500 / 50 Mitsubishi MSC-501MYes
13000MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000Mori-SeikiSV-500 / 50Mitsubishi MSC-501MGoodYes43.31" x 23.62" Table, 31.5" x 20.08" x 20.08" Travels, 6,000 RPM, 22 HP, 30 ATC, 50 Taper2000 Mori-Seiki SV-500 / 50 Mitsubishi MSC-501MYes
12668MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1995OkadaGMC-1064Fanuc 15MGoodYes55.1" x 23.62" Table, 39.37" x 23.62" x 15.748" Travels, 22,000 RPM, 7.5 HP, 30 Taper, 10 ATC1995 Okada GMC-1064 Fanuc 15MYes
13966MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2003OKKVM-5 IIFanuc 160iSMGoodYes59.06" x 25.98"Table, 40" x 20" x 20" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 15 HP, 20 ATC, Coolant System, Spindle Chiller,2003 OKK VM-5 II Fanuc 160iSMYes
14096MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005OKKVM-5 IIIFanuc 160iSMBGoodYes59.06" x 25.98"Table, 40" x 20" x 20" Travels, 10,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 15 HP, 20 ATC, Coolant System, Spindle Chiller,2005 OKK VM-5 III Fanuc 160iSMBYes
13925MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2002OKKVM-7OKK NeoMatic 635 (Meldas)Very GoodYes68" x 32" Table, 60.27" x 29.17" x 26.02" Travels, 13,000 RPM, 50 Taper, 20 HP, 30 ATC, Two (2) Speed Geared Head, Coolant Through Spindle, Rigid Tapping, Chip Augers, Remote Jog Handle, High Speed Look Ahead2002 OKK VM-7 OKK NeoMatic 635 (Meldas)Yes
14109MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007OKKVM-7 IIIFanuc 160iMGoodYes 2007 OKK VM-7 III Fanuc 160iMYes
13761MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2005OKKVM-7 IIIFanuc I80i SMBVery GoodYes 2005 OKK VM-7 III Fanuc I80i SMBYes
13950MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000OkumaCadet Mate V-4020OSP-U10MVery GoodYes 2000 Okuma Cadet Mate V-4020 OSP-U10MYes
13448MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2012OkumaMB-56 VAOSP-P200MAHLike NewYes 2012 Okuma MB-56 VA OSP-P200MAHYes
13862MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008OkumaMB-66 VBOSP-P200MVery GoodYes 2008 Okuma MB-66 VB OSP-P200MYes
14030MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999Okuma and HowaMillac 438VFanuc 18iMCGoodYes 1999 Okuma and Howa Millac 438V Fanuc 18iMCYes
13138MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000Okuma and HowaMillac 438VFanuc 18MCVery GoodYes 2000 Okuma and Howa Millac 438V Fanuc 18MCYes
14030MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1999Okuma and HowaMillac 438VFanuc 18iMCGoodYes 1999 Okuma and Howa Millac 438V Fanuc 18iMCYes
11051MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1990/05RambaudiRammatic 1400Siemens 802DGoodYes 1990/05 Rambaudi Rammatic 1400 Siemens 802DYes
12870MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2006SharpSV-2412 Mini-MillFanuc Oi-MateExcellentYes 2006 Sharp SV-2412 Mini-Mill Fanuc Oi-MateYes
12490MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1998SupermaxMax-8Fanuc OMGoodYes 1998 Supermax Max-8 Fanuc OMYes
12809MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2008Takumi-SeikiV10Fanuc 18iMCExcellentYes42" x 21.5" Table, 39" x 20" x 22" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 24 ATC, Rigid Tapping, Remote Jog Handle, High Pressure Coolant Through Spindle (never used)2008 Takumi-Seiki V10 Fanuc 18iMCYes
13958MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2007ToyodaBM-1020Fanuc 18iMBVery GoodYes 2007 Toyoda BM-1020 Fanuc 18iMBYes
13804MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000ViperVMC-2100Mitsubishi 520MGoodYes83" x 41.3" Table, 81" x 41.3" x 32.3" Travels, 4,000 RPM, 30 HP, 50 Taper, 32 ATC, Coolant Through Spindle, Coolant Unit, Chip Auger, Geared Head2000 Viper VMC-2100 Mitsubishi 520MYes
13872MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC2000ViperVMC-3100 AGFanuc 15MGoodYes 2000 Viper VMC-3100 AG Fanuc 15MYes
12878MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC1989WasinoWMC-3Fanuc OMGoodYes 1989 Wasino WMC-3 Fanuc OMYes
12924MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2001HaasVF-3 APCHaas ControlGoodYes 2001 Haas VF-3 APC Haas ControlYes
14015MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2006HaasVF-3 APCHaas ControlLike NewYes 2006 Haas VF-3 APC Haas ControlYes
13702MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2000KitamuraMycenter-1 APCYasnac I80Very GoodYes 2000 Kitamura Mycenter-1 APC Yasnac I80Yes
13194MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS1995MatsuuraRA-IIYasnac I80Needs RepairYes 1995 Matsuura RA-II Yasnac I80On Way
14041MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2000Mori-SeikiGV-503Mitsubishi MSC-805GoodYesTwo - 29.5" x 21.7" Pallets, 24" x 20" x 18.1" Travels, 12,000 RPM, 40 Taper, 20 HP, 30 ATC, 1,654 Rapids, Automatic Pallet Changer, Shower Coolant System, Turbo Fine Chip Conveyor, User Macro B, Tool Length Measument (laser), Tool Life Management2000 Mori-Seiki GV-503 Mitsubishi MSC-805Yes
14105MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS1999Mori-SeikiM-300LFanuc MF-M6GoodYes 1999 Mori-Seiki M-300L Fanuc MF-M6Yes
12880MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2008Mori-SeikiMV-653/40 APCMori-Seiki MSX-501Very GoodYes 2008 Mori-Seiki MV-653/40 APC Mori-Seiki MSX-501Yes
13886MACHINING CENTERS, VERTICAL, CNC W-PALLETS2004OKKVP-600 APCFanuc I80i MBVery GoodYes 2004 OKK VP-600 APC Fanuc I80i MBYes
11755MEASURING MACHINES Cognex5000 Vision System Very GoodYes  Cognex 5000 Vision System Yes
12195MILLERS, UNIVERSAL2006KingstonKMT-5V GoodYes 2006 Kingston KMT-5V Yes
12817MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC1999Clausing-Atlas4BVS CNC 40Fagor 8040 MVery GoodYes 1999 Clausing-Atlas 4BVS CNC 40 Fagor 8040 MYes
13680MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC1998Clausing-KondiaFV-1Proto Trak MX-2GoodYes48" x 9" Table, 32" x 12" x 5" x 15" Travels, 4,200 RPM, 3 HP, 30 Taper, Coolant System, Conversational Control, M, S & G Codes, Canned Cycles, Two (2) Axis CNC Control, Three (3) Axis DRO's, Kurt Power Drawbar1998 Clausing-Kondia FV-1 Proto Trak MX-2Yes
11551MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC1992FryerMB-11Anilam 1100Good  1992 Fryer MB-11 Anilam 1100Yes
12572MILLERS, VERT-UNIVERSAL NC and CNC2003Republic LagunKMC-250Vickers 2100Very GoodYesTable Length 44" x 10"", 24" x 14" x 6", 4,250 RPM, 7.5 HP, 40 Taper, Splash Guarding, Three (3) Axis Conversational Touchscreen Control w/CRT, Remote Jog Handle2003 Republic Lagun KMC-250 Vickers 2100Yes
14055MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS2007HaasSL-10T Tailstock Very Good  2007 Haas SL-10T Tailstock Yes
14056MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS2007HaasSL-10T Tailstock Very Good  2007 Haas SL-10T Tailstock No
12915MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS MazakH-90º Live Holder Very Good Mazak H-90° M/D ER32 Live Tooling, Fits Mazak Nexus 200 & 250 Series, Super Quick Turn 15, 18, 200, 250, 12 Station Turret, Ratio 1:1, Maximum Toque 70 Nm, Maximum Speed 6,000 RPM, External Coolant Nozzel Mazak H-90º Live Holder Yes
12263MISCELLANEOUS COMPONENTS2008Mori-SeikiLive Tool Holders Like NewNo 2008 Mori-Seiki Live Tool Holders Yes
13651PALLET CHANGER, AUTOMATIC1999MidacoSeries S50 SD Very GoodYesTwo Pallets - 50" x 19.5" x 2", 2,000 Pallet Capacity, End Load Shuttle Unit With Automatic Door and Indicator Lamp, One (1) Pneumatic Receiver With Air Blast, Pallet Clamp Confirmation Safety Switch, Came Off a Tree VMC-1260, Very Little Use1999 Midaco Series S50 SD Yes
10587PRESSES, O.B.I.1980/2005MinsterHummingbird Very GoodYes 1980/2005 Minster Hummingbird Yes
11322ROLLS, ANGLE BENDING1996RoundoR-13-S Very GoodYesAngle Bend Capacity - 8" x 8" x 1 - 1/4", Diameter of Bending Rolls 32", 108 HP, Large Selection of Dies For Pipe and Beams, Large Selection of Spacers, Oversized Shaft, Motors & Drive, Hydraulically Controlled Guide Rolls - Up / Down / In & Out, Full Pendant Control, Five (5) Sets of Pipe Rolls1996 Roundo R-13-S Yes
10981ROLLS, ANGLE BENDING StecoSBM/4 GoodYes  Steco SBM/4 Yes
10980ROLLS, PLATE BENDING, PYRAMID TYPE Kulma PulmaxPV7H Very GoodYes  Kulma Pulmax PV7H Yes
13066ROUTERS, NC and CNC2009KomoVR-510FanucVery GoodYes 2009 Komo VR-510 FanucYes
12141ROUTERS, NC and CNC1999MultiCam1-103MultiCamGoodYes71" x 155" Table, 100" x 50" x 6" Travels, 18,000 RPM, 30 Taper, 4 Station ATC, 5 HP, Table Vacuum Pump1999 MultiCam 1-103 MultiCamYes
14061SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL2007HEMH-90 A GoodYes 2007 HEM H-90 A Yes
13578SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL2000HEMWF-130 HA-DC GoodYes 2000 HEM WF-130 HA-DC Yes
12275SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL1981Kysor-JohnsonHA-250 FairYes10" x 10" Square Capacity, 10" Round Cap., 1" x .037" x 138" Blade, 3 HP, Auto Feed w/Roller Conveyor, Fully Hydraulic, Variable Blade Speed, Coolant Pump1981 Kysor-Johnson HA-250 Yes
9764SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL1988PeerlessHB-915A GoodYes 1988 Peerless HB-915A Yes
11138SAWS, SLAB2004SuperiorForce 4000 Very GoodYes 2004 Superior Force 4000 Yes
13585TABLES, FLOOR and LAYOUT PLATES DeVliegAngle Plates Very GoodYes  DeVlieg Angle Plates Yes
13987TABLES, NC and CNC2002HaasHRT-210 GoodYes 2002 Haas HRT-210 Yes
13181TABLES, NC and CNC2002HaasHRT-210-2 Very GoodYes 2002 Haas HRT-210-2 Yes
14153TABLES, NC and CNC2008HaasTR-210H Like NewYes 2008 Haas TR-210H Yes
11716TABLES, NC and CNC2003NikkenCNC 250FA-M GoodYes 2003 Nikken CNC 250FA-M Yes
13963TABLES, ROTARY Giddings and LewisModel 90 Rotary Table Very GoodNo  Giddings and Lewis Model 90 Rotary Table Yes
9818VIBRATORS (Incl. Vibratory Finishers)1987AlmcoOR-10 Very GoodYes 1987 Almco OR-10 Yes
12995WATER JET CUTTING, CNC2012Omax80 x 5060OmaxVery GoodYes 2012 Omax 80 x 5060 OmaxNo